Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself!


My name is Felicia and I am betting since you hopped over to my humble little blog that you love toys just as much as I do! I have been a toy fanatic since I was very young and I have even tried to go back and find many of the toys I had as a child. When I do it is pure bliss! There are so many happy memories as a child and so many that we just try to hold onto.

Now, I have two children of my own to create even more memories with and help them create memories of their own. It is so fun to share toys I played with as a child and help them discover new toys of their own. There is nothing like watching a child's imagination at work while they play with a Barbie doll or Transformer. Their world is endless and it has no bounds, nor should it!!

There are so many classic toys out there that we grew up with, like Little People, G.I. Joe and for me, my very special Water Baby!

What about all these "new" toys that are on the market now? How do they "stack up" to what we remember? Will they have as much to offer our children? Do they teach them anything as they play? Are they safe for our kids and will the toy LAST?