Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010


Whew, it has been a rough couple of weeks around our home! We have been battling some major sickies just in time for fall. As soon as the temps start to drop and then raise back up we all get sick. Usually just the allergies hit us, but this time around we have all been hit by a virus that has run us over. Poor Kairi and I have had bronchitis and sinusitis, while my husband and Austin have both had run ins of their own with the nasty bug. We have literally locked ourselves in our home for over a week! LOL I think we are finally on the mend which means some good play time is ahead of us! I have some great reviews to share with you all soon, along with a giveaway and a post about my husbands HUGE Transformers collection! He has been collecting for years and a fan since he was our son's age. I may even have him write the post, just so he can really share his love with you all. :)

Well, I am off to finish getting over these sickies and I will be back soon to share. Hope you all stay well and I will chat with you soon!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Fun Day!

Last Wednesday the electricity in our neighborhood was completely shut off for an emergency replacement they had to do nearby. It was going to be off between 1 and midnight - that's a long time for no air conditioning and high 80's outside! Usually the kiddos go down for naps about 1 and wake anywhere from 2:30 on, but I decided it was already too warm in their rooms, no way they were going to sleep and we needed to get out of the house till it cooled down. I got to thinking about the different things we could do and the Indianapolis Children's Museum popped in my mind. We recently bought a year's membership there so I knew we could go for free and stay as long as we like up until closing time at 5pm. My husband doesn't work too far from there so he could even swing by after to work to join us.

I decided that was it and we were off. I grabbed a backpack filled with delicious snacks and cold drinks and out the door we went! I didn't tell either of them so it would be a surprise when we got there. My son calls it the "Dinosaur Museum" because of the cool dinosaurs that are breaking through the front of the museum and also the ones trying to climb in.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I Can Be... Barbie

I have to say that I grew up loving Barbie and all her friends! I never had the huge mansion in stores, but my dad built me a BIG house with pieces of wood to separate each room and make a roof, carpet swatches for the floor and a huge attic. It was better than anything I saw in the stores, plus my dad made it! Shoeboxes made great convertibles back then. :) I did, however, have tons of accessories and anything else Barbie that I could get my hands on!

My old dollhouse looked a lot like this, only an attic at the top and a lot more "homemade" looking:
Just recently we took a trip to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis (the biggest of it's kind by the way) and they have a HUGE "Barbie the Fashion Experience" going on there. It is perfect for girls of all ages. They had everything from dress up like Barbie for a fashion show, fix Barbie's hair, use Barbie's that they had there to do a pretend fashion show, Barbie collections you could view, areas to create your OWN Barbie fashions and so much more. It was great for me to take a stroll down memory lane and also to share with my 2 1/2 year old daughter. While I know she is still a bit young, I thought she would enjoy walking into the area with the dolls and all the pink..oh she fell in LOVE! She didn't want to leave! She liked playing with the Barbie dolls themselves the best, though she was sure not to miss anything from fixing Barbie's hair to drawing clothing. She and I

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Must Have Book: "The Going To Bed Book" by Sandra Boynton

"The Going To Bed Book" by Sandra Boynton

This is a Must Have book because it is one of our "routine" books, meaning we read it regularly, usually right before bed or nap and sometimes even in between! Anytime is a good time for this wonderful book!

I was looking for a great book to help settl
e my kids into bed at night and when I came across this one it was instant love! I know a lot of people will stand by "Goodnight Moon", which is undoubtedly another great book we sometimes read, but my kids really became attached to this one. While rhyming through the book in short sentences on each page, we follow several kinds of cute animals as they get ready for bed. From taking a bath to brushing their teeth and finally rocking to sleep on the sea in their big ark-like boat, this book takes less than 5 minutes to read which makes it perfect for right before bed. When we read this book at home we always have one of our children in each of our laps so we can "rock, rock, rock them to sleep" at the end. As soon as the last page is read they both know it is time for bed.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

TRIO Building System

At Christmastime last year I was gathering up presents to go under the tree(along with the ones Santa would be bringing, of course!) and we always try to be sure our kids have the same amount to open- that way they can open at the same time. So, I was doing my research on the internet and I came across a great deal for TRIO blocks on Amazon, at a really great price. I had honestly not heard of them before. The deal was for a large "King's Castle". It looked really neat, but I decided it was a bit big for a final gift to throw under the tree. I took a mental note of it and found another to to buy him instead.

Fast forward a few months and you will find us in our local Target, going up and down the toy aisle(as we ALWAYS do, lol). We checked out the Lego aisle and I noticed the TRIO blocks as well. I had seen them a few times since Christmas, but this time they really caught my eye! Target had a TRIO Building Set on sale for

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself!


My name is Felicia and I am betting since you hopped over to my humble little blog that you love toys just as much as I do! I have been a toy fanatic since I was very young and I have even tried to go back and find many of the toys I had as a child. When I do it is pure bliss! There are so many happy memories as a child and so many that we just try to hold onto.

Now, I have two children of my own to create even more memories with and help them create memories of their own. It is so fun to share toys I played with as a child and help them discover new toys of their own. There is nothing like watching a child's imagination at work while they play with a Barbie doll or Transformer. Their world is endless and it has no bounds, nor should it!!

There are so many classic toys out there that we grew up with, like Little People, G.I. Joe and for me, my very special Water Baby!

What about all these "new" toys that are on the market now? How do they "stack up" to what we remember? Will they have as much to offer our children? Do they teach them anything as they play? Are they safe for our kids and will the toy LAST?