Monday, September 27, 2010


Whew, it has been a rough couple of weeks around our home! We have been battling some major sickies just in time for fall. As soon as the temps start to drop and then raise back up we all get sick. Usually just the allergies hit us, but this time around we have all been hit by a virus that has run us over. Poor Kairi and I have had bronchitis and sinusitis, while my husband and Austin have both had run ins of their own with the nasty bug. We have literally locked ourselves in our home for over a week! LOL I think we are finally on the mend which means some good play time is ahead of us! I have some great reviews to share with you all soon, along with a giveaway and a post about my husbands HUGE Transformers collection! He has been collecting for years and a fan since he was our son's age. I may even have him write the post, just so he can really share his love with you all. :)

Well, I am off to finish getting over these sickies and I will be back soon to share. Hope you all stay well and I will chat with you soon!


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