Saturday, September 4, 2010

TRIO Building System

At Christmastime last year I was gathering up presents to go under the tree(along with the ones Santa would be bringing, of course!) and we always try to be sure our kids have the same amount to open- that way they can open at the same time. So, I was doing my research on the internet and I came across a great deal for TRIO blocks on Amazon, at a really great price. I had honestly not heard of them before. The deal was for a large "King's Castle". It looked really neat, but I decided it was a bit big for a final gift to throw under the tree. I took a mental note of it and found another to to buy him instead.

Fast forward a few months and you will find us in our local Target, going up and down the toy aisle(as we ALWAYS do, lol). We checked out the Lego aisle and I noticed the TRIO blocks as well. I had seen them a few times since Christmas, but this time they really caught my eye! Target had a TRIO Building Set on sale for $16.99 PLUS they had a peel-off coupon to save $5 off. I couldn't pass this deal up so I snatched one!
It came with 100 pieces plus the great storage container (always a selling point with me!).They can even use the lid on top of the container to build up from. It is for ages 3-5 and my son was 3 at the time, so lots of play time ahead for him. My daughter, who is 2 1/2 also loves them. When we first brought them home my son had a few issues getting them to "snap" together, but once he got that down after trying a couple times he became a pro, same for our daughter. Speaking of her, they also make a cute pink and purple set that I may get for her on her next birthday. I know she would love it!
So, we brought it home and the kids started building. It came with a person and a car that the person can fit in and drive. You can build houses and landscaping,cars, boats, animals and so much more. It includes some instructions to help you get started building along with some pictures to show you how to build particular things.

These are very similar to Legos to me(which I STILL love!) with one great exception-they are made for little hands! My daughter still puts some things in her mouth so she is not allowed to play with them outside of my sight, but even if she were to put one in her mouth I think it would be too big for her to choke on. I would never take that chance though. I definitely agree with the age starting at 3 for that reason. They are also great because they are easy to keep track of so you can't lose the tiny pieces like you do with other building sets. We have some Legos that my son has played with but he had some issues getting them to snap together, they just seemed to hard for him.

TRIO's are so great for little ones imagination and learning skills. My son is always building anything that comes to his mind along with building something if I ask him to. It is so great to watch what he comes up with! Let me tell you, I can't believe I waited so long to buy these in the first place and I wish I would have bought them back in December! We have since bought another set to go along with the original set we bought.

TRIO Cargo Loader

It has been a great addition to the set he originally had and has allowed him to build even more than before. Between the pieces in the original tub and the Cargo pieces we now have too many to fit completely in the storage box, though the majority of them do! I just keep the extra pieces in a Ziploc bag next to the box.

Here are some of the TRIO Building Set with Storage product features:

  • Easy to build, so many ways!
  • They can build suggested designs or create their own!
  • 100 pcs. Included in a convenient storage tub - Build up to 15 designs!
  • Great for take along play - the storage bin doubles as a building base!
  • All pieces in the TRIO building set work together.
Product Description from the Manufacturer, Fisher Price:

Easy to build, so many ways! Easy-click bricks, sticks, and panels, plus a play figure, make building a “snap” for kids. They can build suggested designs, or build things all their own! Includes 100 pieces in a convenient storage tub. Great for take along play the storage bin lid doubles as a building base! All pieces in the TRIO Building System work together. Collect them all and build a world of fun!

My Final Thought:

I would HIGHLY recommend the Fisher Price TRIO's Building set and Cargo Loader set. Normally this is where I would list my Pros and Cons, but I honestly can't think of any cons for this product! We love these and the whole family has fun building with them.

Look Who's Playing Rating-

Austin's(age-4) view: 10 out of 10 TRIO Blocks
Mom's view: 10 out of 10

I would love to hear what you think about TRIO's so feel free to leave me a comment!


  1. My son started playing with TRIOs around 3 as well. He's 5 now and is a LEGO nut but the TRIOs still get some use. Your review is spot-on! Great for little hands while still allowing for plenty of construction options and imagination use.

    Great first review! Good luck with your new blog.

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